Etkaterinin Spring: How The Rich Spent Their Time.

Ekaterinin Spring. Borzhom

This picture was taken in 1905 by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii. He used a special coloring technique to take detailed pictures of the early 20th century Russian Empire. This current picture depicts a type of vacation area for the upper class Russian elite in Georgia. The spring is in the Borjomi gorge which is the south central part of Georgia. This spring came under Russian control in the 1820s and since it has been part of the empire it became an extremely popular vacation destinations for the rich. This photograph depicts a handful of Russian noble women enjoying there stay at the spring while a military officer is escorting them. This in a way captures how different the majority of Russians lived from the elite. These select women are enjoying a life of luxury wearing fancy dresses at a spring while the majority of the Russian Empire at the time is starving to death and dealing with a famine. T

3 thoughts on “Etkaterinin Spring: How The Rich Spent Their Time.

  1. Wow I wonder what it is like to be there in person, I am sure it’s beautiful. This really does show the division and privilege differences between the two classes. I feel like this division was common throughout Europe around this time as nobles, men and women, would spend their time in beautiful places while peasants were waking up each day, not knowing when their next meal would be.


  2. Very cool picture! interesting to see how the social and economic elite of the period spent their time. I have to ask though, we learned that this particular spring might still be an active resort town. If so, is it quite a busy spot or were it’s glory days back in the last two centuries?


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